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Le Guru – Restaurant

Le Guru – Restaurant


Le Guru is a unique and vibrant restaurant located in the heart of Montpellier, France. With its diverse menu and stylish ambiance, it is the perfect place for any occasion or meal. Whether you’re looking for a casual lunch, a romantic dinner, or a delightful brunch, Le Guru has something to offer.


At Le Guru, you can indulge in a delightful combination of French, Bar, Café, and Asian Fusion cuisines. The menu is carefully crafted to cater to a variety of tastes and preferences, ensuring that every guest has a memorable dining experience. From classic French dishes to innovative fusion creations, the chefs at Le Guru are dedicated to delivering excellence in every bite.


Conveniently situated at 36 Rue De L’argenterie, Montpellier, Le Guru is easily accessible for both locals and tourists. Its central location allows guests to explore the vibrant city and enjoy a delicious meal at the same time.


Le Guru has garnered an impressive reputation on popular review platform, Trip Advisor. With 259 reviews, it is currently ranked as the 13th best restaurant out of 985 in Montpellier. Visitors have praised the restaurant for its excellent service, diverse menu, and charming ambiance. The average price range of a meal at Le Guru is between 11€ and 30€, making it an affordable yet high-quality dining option.


Overall, Le Guru is a must-visit restaurant for food enthusiasts in Montpellier. With its diverse menu, chic ambiance, and exceptional service, it offers a unique and memorable dining experience. Whether you’re a fan of French cuisine, crave Asian fusion dishes, or simply enjoy a good cup of coffee, Le Guru caters to all tastes and preferences. Be sure to make a reservation and treat yourself to an unforgettable meal at Le Guru!