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Kibo No Ki – Restaurant

Kibo No Ki – Restaurant


Welcome to Kibo No Ki, a unique fusion restaurant in the heart of Paris. Located at 14 rue Vignon, this restaurant offers a diverse menu combining Japanese, Hawaiian, Fusion Japanese, International, and Asian cuisines.


Kibo No Ki provides a delightful blend of flavors from different culinary traditions. Indulge in the delicate and intricate flavors of Japanese dishes, savor the exotic taste of Hawaiian specialties, and experience the innovative fusion creations that combine the best of Japanese and international cuisines. With a wide range of options available, there is something to satisfy every palate.

Dining Experience

Whether you’re looking for a casual lunch or a memorable dinner, Kibo No Ki offers the perfect ambiance for any occasion. The restaurant features a modern and stylish interior, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for guests. The attentive and friendly staff ensure that you receive top-notch service throughout your dining experience.

Price Range

At Kibo No Ki, you can enjoy a delicious meal without breaking the bank. The average price range for a meal is between 9€ and 20€, making it an affordable option for both locals and tourists.


Kibo No Ki is conveniently located at 14 rue Vignon, 75009 Paris, France. Situated in the heart of Paris, it is easily accessible and makes for a great dining destination while exploring the city.


Kibo No Ki has received positive reviews from customers on Trip Advisor. With a total of 63 reviews, the restaurant is ranked as number 2,473 out of 14,355 restaurants in Paris. Customers have praised the diverse culinary offerings, attentive service, and enjoyable dining experience.

My Opinion

Kibo No Ki is an exceptional restaurant that truly delivers a unique and memorable dining experience. The fusion of Japanese, Hawaiian, and international cuisines creates a menu that is both exciting and satisfying. The prices are reasonable, allowing food enthusiasts to indulge in a delicious meal without breaking the bank. The staff is friendly and attentive, ensuring that every guest feels welcome and taken care of. Overall, I highly recommend Kibo No Ki for anyone looking to embark on a culinary journey that combines the best of different culinary traditions.